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Jon Spivack -- Guitar/Uke

Let's have fun playing music!

Are you interested in playing guitar (electric or acoustic), ukulele, electric bass, harmonica, or mandolin?  

If so, are you:

A beginner with no musical experience?
A parent who has played the guitar in the past?
An adult, a homemaker, a student, or professional in search of a fulfilling new hobby?
An educator wanting to work on finger-picking, lead guitar, music theory, or ear training?
A serious music student wanting to sharpen skills?
A grandparent, camp counselor, babysitter, daycare provider, teacher or...?

Then please allow me to help you achieve your musical goals.  

My name is Jon Spivack, and I am a parent, an educator, and a musician who has been teaching and performing in the Sacramento area for over 25 years. I have a B.A. in Biological Sciences, a Master of Arts in Special Education, and multiple teaching credentials. I have taught in a wide variety of settings, both in the classroom and as private instructor in the studio (at Tague Music, and in The San Juan Unified School District). I also co-founded Learning Quest, a company that creates and markets educational materials for students. My new Jazz/Folk/Blues CD, Branching Out, is now available on CD Baby.

Together we can work on the skills that will get you playing and learning while having a good time.

We can:

Learn to strum and finger-pick, play solos and duets.
Pursue band skills, ear training, and music fundamentals.
Work on music-reading and the basics...become literate in the language of music, so you can learn independently!
Use scales, licks, and arpeggios to create your own songs and/or lead ideas.
Sing and play simple, entertaining songs for your family, church, or classroom.
Explore chords and progressions- simple to advanced.


Please give me a call (916) 346-8270

or check out my web site www.fretstrumwell.com

to discuss scheduling, rates, and your musical goals.