TAGUE Music is a full line service shop offering repairs of all band and orchestral instruments as well as percussion repair. We service everything from entry level instruments to professional state-of-the-art instruments and offer services ranging from routine maintenance to custom fabrication, modification and complete mechanical restorations.


We also offer ultrasonic cleaning for brass instruments and non-wood woodwind instruments. This ultrasonic technology is an innovative method of cleaning brass and non-wood musical instruments by using high frequency sound waves and a biodegradable, environmentally friendly cleaning solution. Non-wood refers to clarinets, oboes or bassoons that are made of either plastic, ABS or composite materials. I choose not to put wooden instruments in the ultrasonic cleaner. However, the keys of these instruments clean-up very well in the ultrasonic cleaner. Transducers mounted to the tank walls create tiny bubbles which upon bursting, create a capillary scrubbing action to both the outside as well as the inside of the instrument. This action penetrates the instrument as long as the cleaning solution is filling the instrument. This state-of-the-art cleaning is the most thorough cleaning available. Whatever your repair needs, TAGUE Band Instrument Services can take care of it for you! Stop by and check us out!

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