YVS100 Yamaha Venova Compact Travel Saxophone

YVS100 Yamaha Venova Compact Travel Saxophone


YVS100 Yamaha Venova Compact Travel Saxophone


  • Easy fingering similar to a recorder
  • Rich and expressive tone that sounds like a saxophone
  • Key of C with a fully chromatic 2 octave range
  • Made from lightweight and durable ABS plastic
  • Uses a soprano saxophone mouthpiece and reed.
  • The Yamaha Venova is a totally new type of wind instrument that blends the simplicity of a recorder with the sound of a saxophone. The original YVS-100 Venova uses a regular soprano saxophone mouthpiece and reed, but with simple open-hole fingerings similar to what you'd find on a student recorder. Durable and lightweight, the Venova is easy to take with you to the beach, the park, on vacation, or wherever you want to make music.



RANGE: C40 - C64

TONE: Bright, similar to a soprano sax

MOUTHPIECE: Soprano sax

LENGTH:  460mm (about 18 inches)

WEIGHT:  6.3 ounces

COLOR: White with black keys

BODY: One piece

INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Yamaha 4C-equivalent mouthpiece, synthetic reed, ligature, mouthpiece cap, cleaning swab, hard case with shoulder strap, "Let's Play Venova" guidebook.


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