RK303 02. Reka Trombone Slide Lube

RK303 02. Reka Trombone Slide Lube

SKU: RK303

RK303 Reka Trombone Slide Lube


The new REKA Superslide - Still the only one-component lubrication that meets or surpasses the standards of traditional two-component recipes.


Only one handy 30-ml bottle is needed
Easy handling due to a single component
Practical needle applicator facilitates easy use
Extremely economical, with excellent surface adhesion
No water sprayer necessary
Fantastic movement with no slide drag
Exceptionally long-lasting
Suited to all trombones, old and new
Additional cleaning effect
Safe for the skin


REKA Superslide is an advanced product that satisfies even the most demanding musicians. Application is considerably simplified through the use of only one bottle — no additional water is necessary! On top of that, the player is rewarded with a fantastic, long-lasting, free-flowing action.

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