Turn your rental credit into a step-up instrument!

Our rent-to-own program gives you credit from your paid current rental contract of the rental cost plus tax toward the purchase of the instrument you are renting. Our Yamaha Advantage instruments are great instruments and will give many years of great service and playing enjoyment. If you choose, you can pay off the instrument after 18 months of rental and receive another 20% discount on the purchase.

We also offer terms using that same rental credit from your paid current rental contract for the immediate purchase of a step-up instrument. This operates as a price reduction for the new instrument using funds you have already paid in on your rental contract. We will determine the amount of the credit when you return your rental instrument and purchase your step-up instrument in the same transaction. We do not hold rental credit on your account without a purchase contract in progress.

The resulting reduced price for the new instrument makes your money work twice for you: once as a rental and again as a step-up purchase credit. We want to provide this boost into the next level for the musicians in your life as an incentive for our current faithful customers. We are your partners in your personal musical progress.

Please call us at 916-721-0295 with any questions about these allowances. You can also make an appointment at our website appointment link to visit with us about your next instrument purchase. There is never any cost or obligation to make an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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