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So you have your instrument and your music books. Add to that some excitement about learning more about music and playing. A question we often get is this: "What else do I need?" This depends upon what instrument you are playing. Here are some suggestions for woodwind players.


Woodwind instruments most commonly include clarinet, flute and saxophone. For clarinet and sax, you will need reeds to play your instrument. You should have at least four reeds ready to play in case one is damaged. Our rental instruments include one reed.

*We also have Rico reed three-packs available for sale in addition to several lines of reeds (for example, Rico, Rico Royal, Vandoren and Mitchell Lurie) for both student and professional players.

*A mouthpiece cap is also a reed protection necessity if yours is missing or damaged.

Other daily accessories include:

*Micro fiber and silk swabs for thorough swabbing, quick drying, and durability.

*Good cork grease.

*Yamaha cleaning kits for clarinet and sax are available that include cork grease, swab, mouthpiece brush, pad paper, tone hole cleaner, polishing cloth and a maintenance manual.

*The Yamaha flute cleaning and maintenance kit includes tone hole cleaner, pad paper, cleaning gauze (for the cleaning rod), a silver polishing cloth and a maintenance manual.

*We also stock other single cleaning kit components (polishing cloths, valve oil, slide lube, etc.) to replace your spent or worn supplies.

Other woodwind accessories include:

*Replacement ligatures for sax and clarinet.

*Replacement sax end plugs.

*A music stand for your home practice room.

*A step-up sax or clarinet mouthpiece can help you sound better and play easier.

*When you own your instrument, custom cases can also help protect your instrument better.

*. . . and more!

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