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Updated: Feb 12

Tague Music has one of the best repair and restoration shops in Northern California. Headed by master craftsman Kris Tague, our technicians can repair and/or restore your instrument. Custom modification and specialty work on some instruments is also available (see the following list).

We offer repairs and/or restoration on the following instruments:

1. Brasswinds: cornet (all keys), trumpet (all keys and forms), fluegelhorn, horn (all keys and valve systems), alto horn, euphonium / baritone horn (including variations), trombone (all forms and keys), and tuba (all keys and valve systems). Historical brass instrument repair and restoration are a specialty.

2. Woodwinds: piccolo, flute, oboe and oboe family, clarinet and clarinet family (all pitches and key systems, including contrabass), saxophone (all pitches and key systems, including contrabass), bassoon family (including contrabassoon), and others.

3. Percussion: drum head replacement, shell repairs, rim repair and replacement, and related repairs.

4. Orchestral strings: violin, viola, cello and double bass, including re-stringing and complete instrument repair service.

5. Orchestral percussion: tympani & mallet percussion (bells, chimes, xylophone, marimba, vibraphone, etc.).

6. Guitar: both electric and acoustic, complete repair and restoration. Historic instrument restoration is a specialty. Custom modification work is also available.

7. Ukulele, mandolin, orchestral harp, sitar, banjo, and other "world" stringed instruments. Yes, we have a resident luthier whose experience is wide and deep.

8. Electronics: keyboards, instrument amplifiers, mixing boards, speaker enclosures, and other electronic instruments and instrument components.

Our repairs are performed in-house by our expert technicians. In the very rare event that work is sent out (for example, brass instrument total re-lacquer and re-plating work), you will know the cost and the projected return time before you decide to proceed.

As the preceding list demonstrates, we can handle the vast majority of repair and restoration work. If it's an instrument that makes sound, bring it in and let us estimate it for you. Repair and restoration estimates are free of charge!

We're open for business between 10 AM and 4 PM Monday through Friday. Please call us at 916-721-0295 to make an appointment so we can better serve your needs. You can also make an appointment through our website appointment link. Order accessories, supplies and music media online anytime from our online store for curbside or in-store pickup, or shipment to your location Rentals are only a click away through our online rental link. And be sure to check out our YouTube channel for informative videos on repair and restoration, instrument demos, how to find our Citrus Heights store and other items of interest. We look forward to seeing and serving you soon!

Tague Band Instrument Services

8091 Greenback Lane, Suites H &I, Citrus Heights, CA 95610

Phone: 916-721-0295

Web: playtague.com

Email: contact@playtague.com

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