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40 years of playing experience.
25 years of teaching experience.

Mission: dream accomplished

Hello, my name is Demetri and I offer (guitar, piano, ukulele, bass) lessons at Tague Music in Citrus Heights, CA. I am knowledgeable and move at an excellent pace. I am funny and light hearted, love music and teaching. I can tell you that you are important and I'm here for you.  

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When teaching piano, I prefer to use the Alfred’s Piano Method Books. For children, I like the combination of five children’s method books (Lesson, Technique, Recital, Theory, and Note Speller). This combination of books give the feeling of progress and all the skills necessary to experience a lifetime of enjoyment from reading and playing music. For all other ages, I like to use the Adult Alfred’s Piano Method. It gives the same skills as the children’s method without the pictures. I am always aware and custom fit my courses to the wants and needs of the student/parent. The ultimate goal being, to make your learning experience fun and enjoyable. Confidence is key to being a great musician. It comes from a variety of skills: a good ear, knowing songs, good timing and listening to others. I’m here to guide and encourage you in all these areas. You can do it!

I have extensive music training in music theory and applied music from Sierra College and several personal methodology studies over the years. Today, I find myself with freshly honed skills of sight reading and playing by ear. My regular playing and performing of classic rock and worship music over the last 40 years is fun and keeps me sharp. My passion for both performing and teaching music is stronger than ever.


Levels Taught
Beginner | Intermediate


Ages Taught
7 and older


Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs, Fri

Contact Information
(916) 625-1651

 Listen, you can do it. Slow down and take the time to pursue and accomplish your dreams.  That's what I do. Music makes my life awesome and it can do the same for you. I want the ripples I leave to be for the better. Smiles, peace of mind, and the rewards of hard work. That's my legacy. Let's talk, my number is 916-625-1651.