Chris Mizer - Guitar Instructor



Chris is an excellent guitar teacher of beginner guitar students of most styles, including but not limited to Blues, Rock, Jazz, Classical, and Spanish Guitar.  He started guitar studies with classes and private lessons over 20 years ago, and fell in love with the beautiful, highly expressive instrument that is the guitar. 

Chris is committed and focused, putting efforts into both teaching and a continuing education towards guitar mastery (including both theoretical and practical understanding).  He is continually researching his craft, offering the best and most practical guidance available.  Including helpful handouts when necessary, tips and tricks he's learned along the way, and proper techniques and foundational knowledge.  Guitar truly can be fun and simple enough with the right approach!

Chris also brings a unique background in meditative mind and body awareness techniques, which can aid in getting the most from your music practice and life in general.  These are integrated whenever applicable to practice and based on each individuals interest.

So come along and jump into the groove learning your favorite songs, improvisational skills, rhythm and lead, how to read standard music notation/tablature, and as much theory as is practical and valuable to you for your current level on your journey. Let's jam!

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